Our Services

New Pallet Manufacturing

We are able to build and design a custom pallet for your specific shipping needs.

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Pallet Recycling

We have a large invetory of repaired and refurbished pallets of all grades and sizes. Stored indoors out of the elements.

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End Boards

We sort them by size and resell them. We also resize to whatever size fit your needs.

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Scrap Pallet Removal

We remove all the pallets you need removed, not just the good ones. Call us today to get the most for your pallets.

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Heat Treating

Need your pallets heat treated or want to purchase heat treated pallets we have you covered.

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Drop Trailers

Let us spot one of our trailers for you to load with your return pallets on your time. Just let us know when its full and we will swap the trailers.

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Our Vision

JCS was founded in 2019 we strive to offer the best porducts at competitive prices with exceptional service. We offer a variety of pallet specific services, we stock thousands of recycled pallets and a wide assortment of new hardwood/ softwood lumber. With a transportation fleet of 12 power units and 100 dry van trailers no job is to big or to small. Call us today for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Products